Multi-channel Audio Solution

Multi-channel Audio


5.1 Production

Today consumer electronics technology are rapidly developed and devices are more powerful than before, Consumer have many choices of consuming content any time, any where. It is challenging how to hold your audience to TV service. High Definition picture becomes compelling and Surround Sound is a perfect complement. With our knowledge and experience, we can help broadcaster to enable "Surround Sound Experience" to their customer. Our End-to-End solution of Multichannel Audio starting from production, contribution, distribution and playback. We offer variety of services to ensure the best experience at your audience's home.


Dolby Digital Plus for DVB

Many foreign and local contents (movies, sport, national event, etc) are already in 5.1. These contents feed were mainly contribute in Dolby E and Dolby Digital. Why not give this service to customer at home? We can help bridge this gap. We are exclusive Dolby's partner in Thailand and promoting Dolby Technology for Broadcasting include Dolby E, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby MetaData and Loudness solution. Broadcaster can easily enable Dolby Digital Plus technology in their Premium service.



Dolby Digital Plus for OTT

With Dolby Digital Plus technology, the platform doesn't limited to conventional DVB TV but can support MultiScreen such as Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV, etc. Audience can enjoy the better audio quality even from small device's speaker and not limit to stereo. This will differentiate your OTT service among others.


Loudness Solution

Loudness inconsistency is one of the main complain in broadcast industry. The cause of this problem lies in many point along the workflow of signal chain. We have offer range of solutions to solve loudness problem using MetaData, Loudness Measurement, Loudness Logging and Loudness Correction follow latest ITU and EBU standard.