Goldenduck Timeline

  GOLDENDUCK GROUP is well known as the leading cinema system integrator in South East Asia. For more than 20 years we have constantly introduced new cinema technology and improved and expanded our services to meet our regional clients' growing demand. We'™re proud to be part of our clients' success by continuously working to improve their cinema projection and sound systems in order for them to serve their customers better. We also do non-cinema related businesses (such as conference centers and recording/TV studios) which also require specialized audio and visual expertise. In addition, with our strong partnership with the world's leading broadcast companies, GOLDENDUCK GROUP has recently entered to multi-channel audio broadcasting and multi-screen OTT solution. 

As of today, GOLDENDUCK GROUP employs a total of more than 160 staff, with offices located in 5 different countries in South East Asia (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam), providing services to more than 1,000 screens across the region.

Goldenduck Group Timeline


  • 2013 - The 1st Dolby ATMOS screen in Thailand has been introduced at SFW cinema hall #12
  • 2011 - Launching of Dolby 5.1 Audio Broadcasting for True's "Academy Fantasia" season #8
  • 2010 - Installed First Technic color 3D Film in Thailand and South East Asia.
  • 2010 - Established GOLDENDUCK INTERNATIONAL (MALAYSIA) SDN. BHD. to better cater for the expanding Malaysian market.





  • 2008 - Installed several Digital and 3D systems in Thailand and South East Asia.
  • 2008 - Established joint venture โ€“ VINEMATIM-GOLDENDUCK, JSC with its office in Hanoi to support the growing of Vietnam cinema market as well as customer support demand.
  • 2007 - Installed First Dolby Digital 3D system in South East Asia for Beowulf
  • 2006 - Appointed to be Christie the authorized distributor for South East Asia.


    • 2004 - Appointed to be GDC Technology the authorized distributor for D-Cinema Server

      - Installed 3 more DLP Digital Projector in Thailand

      - Appointed by Fox & Warner Thailand to be Technical Engineer for up-load Digital movies for D-Cinema screenings

      - Appointed to be Digital projection (DPI) the authorized distributor for D-Cinema Projector

      - Appointed by Sunshine Group to be technical coordinator for CineAsia trade show

      - Established GOLDENDUCK ASIA Pte. for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam expansion

    • 2003 - Established GOLDENDUCK STEEL Co., Ltd
      - Established GOLDENDUCK INNOVATION Co., Ltd for non-cinema business

- Appointed by Sunshine Group to be technical coordinator for CineAsia trade show


    • 2000 - Established GOLDENDUCK (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. for International market expansion
      •  - Installed First JBL 3 ways speaker in Thailand
        - Appointed to be BARCO Digital Cinema Distributor and First DLP Cinema

- Appointed to be AVICA Technology the authorized distributor for D-Cinema Server

- Established GOLDENDUCK INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINE Co., Ltd.for Philippines expansion

- Appointed to be Crown the authorized distributor Cinema

- Installed First DLP Digital Projector in South East Asia

- Appointed by Sunshine Group to be technical coordinator for CineAsia trade show



      • 1999 - Appointed to be JBL the authorized contractor for Asia market
         - Established GOLDENDUCK INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd for Cinema business expansion
         - Installed more than 100 Dolby Surround EX cinemas all over Thailand
         - Joined with Strong to produce Console and Power Supply for Asian Distribution
      • 1998 - Appointed to be the authorized distributor for Schneider lenses
      • 1997 - Started entering Philippines market by upgrading sound system to be Dolby Digital System at Robinson Galleria
      • 1996 - Appointed to be the authorized distributor for QSC amplify and KCS speaker
      • 1995 - Appointed as authorized distributor for OSRAM xenon bulb




      • 1994 - Installed First Dolby Digital System (SRD) in Thailand
      • 1994 - Appointed to be authorized distributor for Digital Theater System (DTS) and installed First Digital Sound System (DTS) in Thailand
      • 1994 - Appointed to be the authorized distributor for STRONG, DOLBY, HARKNESS and ISCO
      • 1994 - Established GOLDENDUCK ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. Part. For cinema business expansion
      • 1991 - Supplied and installed the First Stereo Sound System Theater in Thailand



      • 1988 - Market another House Brand SILVERDUCK cinema carbon made in USA.
      • 1988 - Market the first House Brand GOLDENDUCK cinema carbon made in Japan
      • 1987 - Established Super Goldenduck Ltd. Part. for outdoor cinema business expansion
      • 1978 - Established "PED THONG" as the specialty store for outdoor theatre equipment and accessories